Start a Business in Pleasanton Kansas

Like we have stated before, Pleasanton Kansas is a great place to start a business. With a supportive base of local customers and a large tourist community that comes to Pleasanton every year to enjoy the beautiful weather and views, Pleasanton offers a lot of opportunity to start a thriving business. If you are an entrepreneur, here are some good ideas for potential businesses to start here in Pleasanton. Obviously local businesses are a great way to boost the local economy, especially if they are providing services to visiting tourists, since that means new money in our local economy.  In this post we would like to give you some good ideas for businesses that can leverage the tourist economy, and provide a great income opportunity for yourself. Some of these ideas are our own, and some were provided by a new local limousine business here in Pleasanton. The company originated in Phoenix Arizona, but similarly wants to take advantage of the tourist economy here in Pleasanton, and surrounding cities, by offering chauffeur services to visitors exploring the area, you can check them out currently at

Limousine service is a great example of a potential business idea that can thrive here in Pleasanton, since it caters to visitors who are on vacation, and looking to spend money to further enjoy their vacation. By offering limousine and sedan rides, tourists can explore our beautiful town in style, and by someone who knows the area well. Here are some other good businesses that we would love to see spring up over the next few years to help bolster our local economy and provide a great income to local residents.  Read more

Pleasanton Public Water

There has been a lot of speculation and concern since the 2004 televised incident addressing Pleasanton’s city water supply. Since that time there have been efforts by city officials to improve the quality of the cities drinking water including updating the purifying equipment, but some locals still question the quality. Cancer and gull bladder removal are extremely prevalent here in Pleasanton and there is reason to question the quality of the cities public services, being that there is not a lot of oversight by state officials. Bill Anderson who at which point in 2004 was falsifying public information regarding the quality of the water at the plant has been replaced, which is a step in the right direction. However speculation still lures over the honesty of Pleasanton’s public service workers, and some are still fighting for justice regarding the past scandals. Read more

There’s No Place Like Home


There’s no place like home…There’s no place like home…There’s no place like home…

Dorthy didn’t say these memorable words for no reason in the 1939 fantasy and adventure film The Wizard of OZ. There truly is no place like home, and the residents of Pleasanton understand this with the bottom of their hearts. Despite the adventure and fantasy that is beyond Pleasanton and beyond Kansas, there is a wholesome and genuine spirit to our home here in Pleasanton. Like we’ve stated previously, people genuinely care about each others well being and success, and the betterment of one anthers lives. Beyond our terrific local law enforcement that operates with the upmost respect and care. The general public is also heavily invested in everyones well being and operates on a buddy system that has made Pleasanton one of the safest places to live in Kansas. Beyond safety, citizens are also highly involved in one another’s success. Pleasanton citizens are committed to supporting local businesses, and our local chamber of commerce, and other business alliances have helped bolster our local economy over the years. Our beautiful landscape here in Pleasanton also supports a thriving tourists economy with many coming to visit and enjoy our beautiful vantage points, and relax at one of our many bed and breakfasts.

Pleasanton also supports many outdoor adventurists with plenty of fishing, hiking and biking all within a few square miles. There are also many great opportunities to golf around Pleasanton with Sugar Valley Lakes Homes Association, Deer Trace Golf Links, Butler Country Club, and Fort Scott Country Club all within 20 miles of Pleasanton. Due to our moderate year round temperature, you will also find people enjoying the outdoors year round. During winter, many locals will partake in snowshoeing, and many will travel outside the city limits to enjoy snowmobiling.

There is a lot to enjoy about Pleasanton and we encourage prospective home buyers and tourists a like to come see for yourself what Pleasanton has to offer.

Why Choose Pleasanton Kansas

Pleasanton Kansas is a great place to raise a family, start a business and enjoy your life. As a small town of roughly 12,000 people we are tight knit community and support each others success and safety. With many local amenities and year around moderate weather, there is a lot to love above Pleasanton. Many retirees love the slow pace of Pleasanton and the moderate temperature throughout the year. Locals also enjoy the beautiful sunsets and small bodies of water in the area to rest and read a book. For visitors, there are countless bed and breakfasts that offer beautiful views of Pleasanton and great amenities.

Come see why many people have put our small town on their bucket list.


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