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Pleasanton Public Water


There has been a lot of speculation and concern since the 2004 televised incident addressing Pleasanton’s city water supply. Since that time there have been efforts by city officials to improve the quality of the cities drinking water including updating the purifying equipment, but some locals still question the quality. Cancer and gull bladder removal are extremely prevalent here in Pleasanton and there is reason to question the quality of the cities public services, being that there is not a lot of oversight by state officials. Bill Anderson who at which point in 2004 was falsifying public information regarding the quality¬†of the water at the plant has been replaced, which is a step in the right direction. However speculation still lures over the honesty of Pleasanton’s public service workers, and some are still fighting for justice regarding the past scandals.

Many cities throughout the country have faced similar issues in the past regarding polluted water systems, and high levels of contaminants, leading to illness and even death. Pleasanton’s issue is not as severe as many cities have seen, but there is still caution that needs to be taken when consuming high levels of public water. We are not in a position to make medical recommendations but we do suggest the public begin taking action for themselves if they believe the public water is unfit to drink. There will never be enough funding or adequate science in our lifetime to fully disclose the drinkability of public water in Pleasanton and in any city for that matter. As a sovereign individual we urge you take responsibility and action for your won health. You no longer have to rely on public services, and be at the mercy of limited supply. We live in an internet era where you can get almost anything at the click of a button. Despite our town being small, You can still enjoy the luxuries of large cities by simply ordering things online. I’m not encouraging you to not support our local economy, in fact I urge you to buy local when possible. However if the proper item is not available locally, do not fall victim to the idea that you cannot help yourself.

In regards to the public water system, there are plenty of water purifiers online that you can use to purify the public water even more. Investment in a water purifier is an investment into your health and your life. Most cities public water systems contain heavy metals and contaminants that have been proven unfit to drink, and many citizens opt for purchasing purified water from a seller, or investing in a purification system for themselves. There are countless resources throughout the web that offer affordable solutions to enhance the quality of the water your drink. The city does its best to provide valuable resources to its citizens but you must recognize the city operates on limited funds, and it is your responsibility to ultimately take care of yourself.

Similarly if you want to eat organic food that is not carried in our local grocery store than order it online and do not complain about the limited selection carried in town. I know for many of our retired community this is an adjustment, being that you are not familiar with the internet, but have someone who is, help you. There is too many available resources in today’s world to be crying wolf. You are the only one who is responsible for your well being, so take care of yourself, and don’t expect it from others.

God Bless –