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Start a Business in Pleasanton Kansas


Like we have stated before, Pleasanton Kansas is a great place to start a business. With a supportive base of local customers and a large tourist community that comes to Pleasanton every year to enjoy the beautiful weather and views, Pleasanton offers a lot of opportunity to start a thriving business. If you are an entrepreneur, here are some good ideas for potential businesses to start here in Pleasanton. Obviously local businesses are a great way to boost the local economy, especially if they are providing services to visiting tourists, since that means new money in our local economy.  In this post we would like to give you some good ideas for businesses that can leverage the tourist economy, and provide a great income opportunity for yourself. Some of these ideas are our own, and some were provided by a new local limousine business here in Pleasanton. The company originated in Phoenix Arizona, but similarly wants to take advantage of the tourist economy here in Pleasanton, and surrounding cities, by offering chauffeur services to visitors exploring the area, you can check them out currently at phxlimoservice.com.

Limousine service is a great example of a potential business idea that can thrive here in Pleasanton, since it caters to visitors who are on vacation, and looking to spend money to further enjoy their vacation. By offering limousine and sedan rides, tourists can explore our beautiful town in style, and by someone who knows the area well. Here are some other good businesses that we would love to see spring up over the next few years to help bolster our local economy and provide a great income to local residents. 

  • Bed & Breakfast – this is probably the most exploited business here in Pleasanton, but there is still a lot of opportunity for new bed and breakfasts. With a heavy influx of tourists coming to check out Pleasanton, and enjoy the tranquility of our town, bed and breakfasts are sure fire way to offer a business that many will enjoy.
  • Guide – Any sort of guide service would be a great idea for local entrepreneurs, depending on the time of year, you can offer guide services for fishing, hiking, snow shoeing, rock hunting, etc. Howcasing your expertise of the area, and allowing visitors to experience the aspects of Pleasanton you will love most will result in happy customers and a booming business.
  • franchise – franchises, especially related to food are great investments here in Pleasanton. Tourists love familiarity, so if you can offer a familiar chain that they enjoy back home, then you can take any guesswork out of a decision, and generate a lot of business for yourself.
  • Uber/Airbnb – There is an enormous amount of part time and full time business opportunities available through utilizing any of the local start up companies like Uber and Airbnb. By offering tourists a ride in your car, or a weekend at your home you can generate some great side cash or even a full income.
  • Rentals – There is a great market for Rentals here in town, whether its bikes, hiking equipment, snow shoes, golf clubs, or more. Think about what people don’t bring with them on vacation, but something everyone loves to do in town.

There is a lot to love about Pleasanton and the more available we make these things to tourists the more opportunity there is for us to increase the amount of people coming back.

Tourists provide a great source of revenue for our local economy, and a better way of life for all of us.

If you are a local entrepreneur, brainstorm with some of the ideas we have given you and think about how you can better accommodate tourists while they’re visiting.