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How About Them Chiefs


The Kansas City Chiefs showed their┬áheart this week when they took on the San Diego Chargers in Week 1. The Chiefs got off to a bad start trailing the Chargers by 21 points, but it’s how you finish that matters in Football. The Chiefs pulled together a solid fourth quarter and ended up beating the Chargers in over time (33-27). Analyst said that this game was a “microcosm” of last season, where the Chiefs started poorly (1-5) and ended the season with 11 straight wins taking them into the playoffs.

We certainly witnessed the contrast of what this team can be here in game one. Either extremely unorganized, or a well lubed football winning machine. I think fans and coaches are hoping to see the latter as we move forward this season, but no matter what, we know the adversity these guys are capable of overcoming.