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Heading to the Polls


Voting season is among us and polls are opening soon to determine the next president of the United States. Regardless if you are a republican or a democrat, it is important that you educate yourself on the nominees. The tension between the two nominees this year has obviously raised some of the most controversy in history, but it’s still important to educate yourself on their opposing views.

Vote for your party – Nominees are becoming more dynamic and do not always solely represent the ideals of the party. So do not necessarily vote based on party, there is a lot more to learn about the candidates than their specific party affiliation. Parties are constantly evolving as well, and the current parties don’t necessarily represent the ideals of the classic GOP or libertarian party.

Times are changing – campaign contributions and corporate influence into politics are becoming increasingly prevalent. Just as congress is being affected by the revolving door (private corporations hiring retired congressmen to increase their influence in congress) presidential nominees are influenced by campaign contributions. These campaign contributions make it hard for presidents to ignore the needs of large corporations or interests groups during their presidency that donated millions of dollars during their campaigning. This gives large interest groups a lot more favoritism than the general public, who combined donate only a fraction the amount of large corporations.  Although there is not yet an alternative to campaign contributions, it is wise to better understand where the candidates get their donations, and where they owe their favors.

Though some of this more than most want to consider when voting, the process of making an educated decision is harder than you think. And always remember that if you do not feel that the republican or democratic nominee meet your needs than you can vote alternatively for someone else. Some will tell you that this is throwing away your vote, but in reality making a decision you soon regret is worse.

Kansas Polls

Voter Registration Ends: 10/18/2016

Early Voting: 10/19/2016

Last Day for Early Voting: 11/7/2016

General Election: 11/8/2016


*Make sure you bring a current form of identification when going to the polls!