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The Biggest Political Issues Concerning Kansas


There are a lot of issues facing Kansas in both our local and national elections. We have tried to include some of the biggest issues facing the state, according to some of our local politicians. We understand there is a lot to know when it comes to making an informed vote, but we have tried to make it easier for you this voting season. Here are some issues that are important Kansas this voting season, so discover where candidates stand on these issues to better understand how their policies will directly effect you and our state.

Job Creation – Kansas has consistently ranked last for job creation since 1998. This is a significant statistic and means the tax payers must foot the bill for public sector jobs that are not being created by the free market. Job creation is predicated on creating more things that people want, especially things for people that live beyond our state borders.

  • Creating exporting industries is always an important topic to consider, especially on a national level. Trying to increase domestic trade, and increase our exportation to other countries is the recipe for a strong economy. Our manufacturing industry that creates parts for the automotive industry, plumbing industry, aviation industry and more creates positive income streams for Kansas. A friend of mines plumbing company in Tempe Arizona, constantly purchases replacement parts that are shipped from Kansas. That means fresh money is coming into the state of Kansas, increasing the amount of money in our local economy.
  • Job creation makes also makes Privatization a topic concerning Kansas voters since privatization can make those public sector jobs less burdensome on taxpayers. With private companies improving upon inefficiencies, and bidding to do the same work for cheaper. Their are side effects to everything however, so make sure you do your homework when it comes to privatization and where you stand.
  • Kansas is rich in natural resources, so one option is to develop extraction industries that are focused on selling these resources to neighboring states and countries. Some of Kansas’ most abundant resources ares petroleum and natural gas which can result in massive income streams for the state. Industries like petroleum allow us to sell to markets outside the state, and bring more money into our local economy. This can be beneficial towards our local economy, but we must understand the environmental effects that come with it. Common practices for extracting natural gas involve fracking which consists of extremely harmful chemicals and poses potential health risks to communities and the environment. Make sure you understand all aspects of fracking both positive and negative for this years elections.

Taxation – Taxes are another popular topic facing politicians and one that people should get a clear understanding of before agreeing to one particular ideology.

  • Public taxes are a nuisance to many taxpayers, but they are the reason your child can go to school, you can drive on paved roads, and why you’re able to call the police or an ambulance when you are in need. Everyone would agree to decrease taxes for their wallets sake, but cutting taxes can have terrible implications. Kansas education system is on the chopping block this year with many politicians seeking to cut funding, in order to cut taxes. However the Kansas economy relies on a well educated work force and may suffer in years to come from diminishing public education.
  • Corporate taxes are an important topic to discuss because they play a significant role in whether or not Kansas will get future companies to incorporate in our great state. Low corporate taxes incentivize corporations to open up shop in Kansas. However lowering taxes and regulations for corporations can have adverse effect as well, so make sure to educate yourself on the subject.

There is a lot to consider when going to the polls, but we hope these topics offered good insight into some things you should consider when voting this year. The presidential elections often pull voters to vote for one candidate over the other based on social issues such as gay rights, marijuana legalization, and so on. However, it’s important you consider the candidate that is going to implement the best job creation, and taxation strategies for this country. These typically have the largest implications on the country and mean the most to the livelihood of the American population. No vote is a bad vote though as long as you feel you made that vote based on a solid understanding of the candidates policies.

Go out and Vote in 2016!